About Us

Abandoned Mine ExplorationMojave Underground is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the exploration, documentation, and preservation of abandoned mines and lands across the American West.  Learn more about us to see what we do.

Our organization was founded by Stuart Burgess and Mike Capps in 2007 with the intention of gathering like-minded people to explore under one flag.  Together, we hoped to increase our voice in working with State and Federal agencies to fight reclamation of historically significant lands.


As the effects of weather and time, combined with reclamation efforts, slowly degrade the few remaining sites in the west, we started a web-tv series called Mojave Underground TV, or MUTV for short.  The series provides interpretations and explores the history of abandoned sites.  The MUTV team is always expanding their creative abilities and providing great content of some of the west’s most amazing areas.

The Founders

Mike CappsMike Capps - Mojave Underground

Mike has been responsible for a majority of the technical and creative aspects of Mojave Underground.  He provides web development for the online content, is primary filmmaker and director for MUTV, shares some of the administrative needs of the organization, and provides general services as needed.

Stuart BurgessStuart Burgess

Stuart’s charming personality and passionate drive for mining has helped build the organization into what it is today, with Public Relations being one of his primary objectives. He also provides technical and creative support where needed, and is the face of MUTV.

Crystal BurgessCrystal Burgess

Crystal’s natural managerial abilities helps keep the organization glued together.  She is primarily responsible for the many daily updates on facebook and our other sites.  Much of the business end of Mojave Underground is facilitated by Crystal.  As producer for MUTV, she keeps productions on schedule, researches the sites, and writes the scripts.

970653_10200426758046198_376800455_nJeremiah Chesley

Jeremiah’s incredible talents have assisted Mojave Underground in countless ways.  He has built many machines to further our exploring abilities, included a replica Mancha Trammer, a hoist to explore deep shafts, powerful custom helmet lights, and crucial filming equipment.

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