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Mojave Underground’s web admin has been hard at work getting the forums cleaned up and malware free.  It’s never fun to be on the administrative end of a massive spamming attack. During the last 12 months, received over 250,000 spam messages from approximately 5000 spam bots. Myself, and a couple others, worked for quite some time to reduce and remove spam that was injected through security flaws in the vBulletin system.
I’ve patched vBulletin up to the latest version, and personally removed the entire collection of spam, malware, and other malicious things from the site. During the process, it’s possible that some legitimate posts or users were deleted or banned.
If you find your user account is banned, deleted, or no longer active, please send me a PM with your username and email address and I’ll try my best to get your accounts restored. If you notice any strange bugs or issues, please let me know through a PM. Lastly, spam is something we’ll always have to fight. If you’re interested in becoming a moderator, please let me know.

We’re looking forward to a fun, active community for 2013 and look forward to hearing from you all once again!

Best Regards,

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  1. sanpet says:

    Has anybody here explored any mines around 29 Palms, Calif?

  2. Can someone referer on the forum page
    Thank you.
    My facebook is Fred Pedregon
    I the moderator or Orange County 4-Play

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