Tecopa Mines

Abandoned Tecopa Mines

Along with the famous Tecopa Mines, one of Tecopa’s popular features is its natural hot springs. Adjacent to the campground are

Tecopa Mines

Tecopa Mines

gender-segregated, no-clothing-mandatory, indoor hot pools for soaking. Access is included in camping fees. Tecopa was named after the Piaute leader Chief Tecopa. There is also a natural hot spring located on BLM land just outside of town.

Mining History

“At approximately the same time Pablo Flores discovered Cerro Gordo, silver-lead ores were discovered at Tecopa. Little is known of the early history of this mine except that it enjoyed a production from 1865 to 1882 that eventually warranted the construction of a ten stamp mill and three furnaces in 1880. By 1881,40 men were involved in the various mining operations here. A 1,000 foot tunnel was dug to open a vein composed of galena at the surface and changing in depth to a carbonate ranging in value from $60 to $400 a ton, with an $80 average. Known as the Gunsight Mine, it is related to Turner’s famous discovery in name only (Turner’s discovery was supposedly much further north). Most of the Gunsight Mine’s production occurred during the twentieth century.” – Desert Fever, used by permission from Russell Hartill.


35.825903° -116.096594°


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Booth Mine: 35.760949, -116.060599
Alexander Mine: 35.762229, -116.114737
Western Talc Mine: 35.780335, -116.125994
Donna Loy Talc Mine: 35.807620, -116.086203
Shoshone Mine: 35.809607, -116.101410
War Eagle Mine: 35.820866, -116.091351
Oro Fino: 35.825513, -116.092558
Columbia #2 Mine: 35.826585, -116.101043
Noonday Mine: 35.829420, -116.096485
Apex Mine: 35.842934, -116.122797
Gunsite Mine: 35.848630, -116.124248
Tecopa Mine: 35.849301, -116.109063

Most sites can be visited with a high-clearance 2 wheel drive vehicle.  Only a small amount of sites require 4×4.  This site is very hot and dry during the summer months, with an average high of 105F during July.  Bring plenty of water!  We’ve also encountered heavy rainfall during the winter in the area.  If you’re going to explore the Tecopa Mines, be prepared for anything.  The Tecopa mines are large and easy to get lost in.


War Eagle Geological Report

Mining District History



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